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William Tod Company

34" x 68" x 60"
Rolling Mill Steam Engine

The centerpiece of the Youngstown Steel Heritage Museum is the 1914 "Tod Engine", built in downtown Youngstown for the Brier Hill Steel Company and used until 1979 at the Youngstown Sheet & Tube Brier Hill Works.  As a stationary steam engine is powered six 24" rolling mill stands making sheet bar until the early 1930s and then after conversion to a round mill, making round bars until mid 1979.  

Using 150 psi saturated steam, the engine developed 4,000 horsepower at approx. 75 rpm.  The steam was used twice, first in the 34" high pressure cylinder and then in the 68" low pressure cylinder before being exhausted into a condenser.   One of many steel industry rolling mill engines that were built for use in the US, only two now remain. 

We dismantled the Tod Engine in 1996-97 and moved it to our site over several years culminating with the setting of the crankshaft in 2007.  The engine was cosmetically restored in 2014 and starting in 2023 is now under restoration to operation.  The goal is to operate the Tod on steam using two of our Porter locomotives as the steam source.  

Youngstown Steel Heritage Foundation  is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 

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