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Located in Youngstown, Ohio, the J&L Narrow Gauge Railroad is a 24" gauge steel mill demonstration railroad where historic narrow gauge rail equipment used in steelmaking and heavy industry is preserved and operated.  The centerpiece of the railroad is the J&L 58, a 45 ton Porter 0-4-0 Tank locomotive once used by Jones & Laughlin Steel in Pittsburgh.  We regularly operate the 58 on our ever expanding on site trackage keeping the spirit of steel mill steam railroading alive in Youngstown.

Unfortunately our public train rides have been discontinued.  The State of Ohio contends that we are an "Amusement Ride" and not a steam tourist railroad (which we are) and has ordered us to stop running the public trains until we can comply with their amusement ride rules.  Until this matter can be straightened out, we will not be offering the public rides.  This however does not affect our Steam Locomotive Experiences which are educational training programs nor does it affect our members only operating days.  

Thanks for your interest in the J&L Narrow Gauge Railroad.  

Rick Rowlands

Superintendent / Chief Mechanical Officer

J&L Narrow Gauge Railroad

The J&L Narrow Gauge Railroad is a program of the Youngstown Steel Heritage Foundation

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